Urgent: Loading Error

Dear Kobo Team,

I have spotted an issue while using the form. Firstly I would like to congratulate the whole team for a wonderful job.

I have created a small questionnaire form and was trying to circulate it for online submissions. Then after deploying the form and getting the link from the kobo itself I had copied the link and circulated the form,

But unfortunately there is an default error message is being generated that the form is deleted or archived etc. The fact is that the form is still alive and only people who I had added are able to respond. Other who are already kobo users cant see the form and the same message is generated.

Please see the attached screenshot. Your prompt response would be much appreciated.

Form Link:


Welcome to the community, @Ganni! I see this login dialogue box when I click your survey URL:


Maybe the community could also confirm!

Dear Kal_Lam,

Yes, as soon as you login you can see the dailouge box I posted.

Please login and conform


@Ganni, could you uncheck this as outlined in the post discussed previously:

We could then test your survey URL link!

Dear KalLam,

Thank you for your promot response. It is now working.


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