URL changing for same project


I have installed kobo on my own Ubuntu 16.04 server successfully but have encountered an error with the survey IDs created. When a form I have deployed gets about 40 responses/ stays about 2 days, the survey ID becomes unavailable and redeploying the project generates a url with a different survey ID. I have checked the docker images running on the server and both kobo_redis_cache_1 and kobo_redis_main_1 have been up since they were created last week.
I suspect that whatever database is supposed to be keeping a record of the deployed forms is losing this information and would like to know if this is a known issue and if there’s a way to make sure the url never changes for a project.

Hello @derricknyakiba,

If the URL you are speaking about it the enketo express URL, it should be the same even if you redeploy the project.
Can you ensure only ports 80/443 are opened publicly on your server?
Database ports (redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL) should be only accessible by local subnets.

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