Use of removed "Advanced Downloads (beta)" API endpoints to generate synchronous exports with labels (CSV export 404 error)

Yesterday Suddenly API stop working !!
Till day before yesterday it was working fine. Not able to get data from kobo using the API in CSV format.

I am using this API format mentioned above.
I tried this API in other places also, but it is the problem of “API not returning data”.
Has the API changed or something? I am trying from yesterday …

@rupeshpatil80040, please be informed that we are looking at this issue at the moment. But till then please feel free to use the following approach:

But that doesn’t fetch me labels , It gives Column names. I chose this API , beacuse it was the only one giving me Labels as column name. It is really very difficult if the data is having some random and not so useful column names…

Can I get get Labels Thru other API Format??

OK please let me know when that API will be ready again…

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@rupeshpatil80040 I am having the same issue since 3 days ago, hopefully this will be solved promptly.

is the Api Working now ??

@rupeshpatil80040, we will let you know when it’s available.

Can I know how much time is required, Actually I am using data in one project which cannot be completed until I get CSV data with proper labels. The above work around is good , but I cannot modify whole system to use that data with under scopes and improper labels… If I know how much amount of time at least required I will inform the concerned people using system.
I know I am asking again and again , but I need to inform my authorities about time span required.

waiting for your reply …

Sorry @rupeshpatil80040, we are not able to provide you the exact time for this.

Hi @Kal_Lam
I want to know if the API is already working.
i would like to have labels instead of fields names.
Thanks for your feedback!

Welcome to the community, @Karl_Kamavu! Will reach you back when we solve this issue.

How much long ? Its nearly 2 months ? Is it working now ?

@rupeshpatil80040, we will update when this is available.

:roll_eyes: waiting for it !!!, Is this API working now ??

Sorry not yet @rupeshpatil80040!

Hi @rupeshpatil80040 we will include a notification about this change in the release notes when it’s been released. We are a small team with limited capacity so please be patient and keep the forum a constructive space.

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