User can not view photo if row level permissions are granted

I have deployed a form which is working perfect. Then I have supervisors who can see and validate submission of specific users (user_supervisor). I also have two top tier supervisors who can view and validate submissions of all users (super_supervisor). Now super_supervisor can view photo in both view and edit mode of form however the user_supervisor can not see the photo in view and edit mode. The user_supervisor when click on gallery see a message “Not Shared”.

Any help please

Hi @waheednoor
Welcome back to the community forum. Could you try removing the share to the user_supervisor and then give it some time (about 5 minutes) before you re-share the same. Kindly indicate if the problem persists.


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It is still same. I have revoked all sharing and then gave back

@waheednoor, is it still not working? Could you let us know the total number of users you have shared your projects with? Maybe that should also give us a clue of your issue.