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Hi -I have seen posts related to user name but as far as I can tell they relate to missing user name. My problem is I have too many user names. I shared my form with only user A but when I downloaded my data in excel I got two user names A and B. The second user name (B) was used in a different project but not in this new project.

Advise please

Welcome to the community, @car17admin! Sorry, I could not understand your issue. Could you also kindly provide a brief background so the community can help you with your issue?

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Sorry let me try again. I am doing a survey with multiple interviewers and multiple tablets using KoboCollect. I uploaded the questionnaire on the Kobo server and shared permission with one username (let’s say A). It is also the user name in the KOBO collect android app. Everyone was able to upload the questionnaire into the tablet. I downloaded the data in an excel file and I got all expected data. But in the excel file, under the username field, some tablet have the username A while other have the user name B. To note that the username I am talking about is linked to the tablet and not the interviewer. Why do I get two usernames? Could it be the way the tablets are set up?

@car17admin, this is likely because different devices must have stored/saved the username differently. You could track the username under Settings>User and device identity>Form metadata as shown in the image shared below:

So basically, if someone stores a name under this Username, you will see the same name in your dataset.

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Thank you so much. Much appreciated.

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