${username} function Error in editing submissions


I am showing some additional questions to some users using the {username} function. This function works smoothly, when i fill up a new form, but when I try to rearrange the form, the questions do not appear. As shown in the example image , I cannot see the questions. How can I solve this problem?

Hi @muhammetburcu,

Can you elaborate on this?

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I mean i want to add some information into to old answer

Hmm, does the {username} of the editor, has the relevant access to the questions too?

I think you are trying to create some sort of case management system right?

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I put this code if(${username}=‘muhammetburcu’,1,0) in relevant column. That is all i do. ıs there something else?

Yeah, actually we did. but the problem is our protection officer want to write some notes about the case but the note shouldn’t change by someone else that cause i put 2 textbox and one only for protection officer can see, other textbox will be ‘only read mode’ for everyone.

After caseworker submit the form, our protection officer need to writing some notes about the case, but she can not see the textbox.

Here is a example;
Example code.xlsx (8.9 KB)

Dear @Kal_Lam any suggestion?

@muhammetburcu, seems like your XLSForm does not have a username question at the beginning control the skips in the latter questions.