Username is not found in Sharing

Please I need your help urgently

I make an account for my colleague to share the form with them
But when I write their username in sharing
The Kobo sent a message that include (user is not found)
But I’m already open their account on my laptop and the username is correct

Kindly please be informed that sharing a project with other users is only possible if both the user account is within the same server i.e. it should be either in the OCHA server or it should be in the HHI server. Sharing a project across a server is not possible i.e. a user wishes to share a project from OCHA server to HHI server or vice versa.

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But I make the account in kobotoolbox and I try it before with other account and it work clearly.

Would you mind sharing me the username for both the accounts through a private message. Maybe i could check it out if they both resides in the same server.

Yes off course.

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OK. I just confirm that your user account is in the OCHA server i.e. while your friend’s account as well your other friends account both are in the HHI server i.e.

Solution for your issue would be as stated above, all of your user account should be under the same server whether it be an OCHA server or it be an HHI server.

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Ok thanks a lot for your response

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