Username missing when downloading data in Excel format

My usename is *nhatto_volcafe , I have completed 52 survey forms on the system but some 20 samples are not showing my uusename. I don’t know the cause? Please correct me.

May be you used the URL link instead of working inside the account?

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Welcome to the community, @nhatto_volcafe! Could you also let us know the mode you used to collect data for these submissions? Seems like you used Enketo aka web forms to collect data for these submissions. Could you kindly confirm if you did the same? If no, please try to elaborate as much as possible so that the community should also be able to understand and troubleshoot your issue.

Dear. I used collected data on Form of KOBOTOOll.

OK, so I got it. Seems like you are using the web form to collect your data. The username is metadata that is only supported with the Collect android app`. For more details, please see this post discussed previously:

I done setting in androi. But the next end is: “Configure the metadata in your survey project under the Layout & Settings as shown in the image below: [Image 0] “, i don’t see. Please help !

@nhatto_volcafe, you will only be getting the username metadata to the forms collected after these settings are made in the project settings (server) and also in the Collect androd app. But for those already in the app, you won’t be getting the metadata. In addition, this feature only works with the Collect android app. It’s not supported with the web forms.