Username Not In Downloaded Report

Please assist as I have downloaded a report on Kobo but cant tell which of the current 10 users have done which report. Basically the downloaded report does not contain the various usernames

Do you mean, you were not able to see username while downloading data in Excel format?

Yes. That is correct.

So what did you collect your data with Enketo or KoBoCollect android app?

KoBoCollect android app

Did you configure your KoBoCollect android app as well as your user account as outlined below:

  1. Configure your KoBoCollect android settings under General Settings>User and device identity>Form metadata>Username. You won’t be able to see the username in your data-set if you do not configure it in your android device.
  2. Configure the metadata in your survey project under the Layout & Settings as shown in the image below:
    Image 0

Note: If you have not configured them as outlined above. you should probably not be getting the username recorded in your KoBoToolbox server.

I hadn’t configured my KoBoCollect android app. As for the metadata in my survey project, I will have a look at it and update accordingly. Thank you for all your help. I will update you once I configure the android app for all the users.

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After configuring, submit some sample collections and you should be able to see them in your KoBoToolbox server.

Please assist on getting the Layout & Settings . Cant seem to find it on the survey Project.

  • Open the survey project
  • Under FORM click to a pen like edit button
  • You should then see the Layout & Settings

Great. It works. Highly appreciated.

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Thank you for confirming!