Users disappearing from forms sharing permissions

We have been added multiple users for the past few weeks into our forms for data collection through their kobocollect apps.

But, the users that we added yesterday are facing issues in sending the forms. They are seeing an error and in the backend their name is no longer being shown in the forms’ permission. We have about 150 people accessing the same form from different IDs right now. Is

@poornima_j, as a quick fix, try to check the usernames for those having submission issues. If their username is not there in the server, try to add them. If it’s already there and the users are having issues, please remove their permissions and re-assign them with the permissions. This should solve the issue.

Thanks for the solution. I did re-assign the permissions in the survey. This has reduced the incidence of the error occurring but a handful of people are still facing the issues just less frequently.

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@poornima_j, this is the only workaround we have at the moment.