Users should have an option to save a form after filling it through Enketo

I would also like to leave a suggestion, it would be ideal for the people who respond to the web form, after the submission, the option to download the form appears, so that the user can have a backup of the submission.

@Patricio_Andres84, kindly please be informed that I have split your suggestion to a different post under the Suggestion Box so that we could document your feedbacks/suggestions systematically.

could you detail the difference to the already existing print form option, please (which could be used just before submitting)?

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Dado que la opción de Impresion esta disponible antes de enviar, muchos usuarios olvidan presionar enviar y se respaldan en que completaron el formulario, por tener la impresion.

Creo que seria mucho mejor, que el usuario del formulario tuviera la opción de descargar un respaldo del formulario, posterior al envio.