Users with access to my project can't get blank form in Kobo Collect

Hi all, I am a new KoboToolbox user, and community member.

I am currently testing out a survey, and while it has been deployed, I noticed that the other users with access to the form haven’t been able to view the form on their android devices. They had encountered a “There is nothing to Display” message

I read the documentation for both enabling row-level permissions and setting up and collecting data using kobo collect and have done everything as instructed *
First thing one of the users with access noticed is that when The first entered the URL as follows //, they encountered an error while trying to access the form saying that the server required authentification

When they incorporated /username in the password to be //**, they were able to access the form list, but there was nothing to display

Has someone encountered this problem before, and how did you go around resolving it?

Welcome to the community, @JackieNM! Would you also mind sharing the Settings>Server from your device to see how the configuration has been made?

Thanks Kal. Here you go. In scenario account, the user “Jackiem” has been granted access to view, edit and validate submissions by the project owner, but when they try to “Get Blank Form” there is nothing to display.

@JackieNM, it seems like you are configuring your app differently. Could you have a look at this support article to configure it in the right way?

I realized that I had shared the wrong image earlier where the username should have been “jackiem” instead of “santaclaus”. Back to your suggestion, I configured the server as shown below and got an " invalid username or password" for server error.

I have double checked my password and everything looks good so I am puzzled as to why that error came up.

@JackieNM, can you log in to your account with the same login credentials? Your configurations seem to be OK.