Using a condition in repeat_count column

Hi everyone

I would like to repeat a number of questions based on the following conditions:

if ${syst_culture}=1 then repeat the set of questions only once;
if ${syst_culture}=2 then repeat the set of questions at least twice.
syst_culture variable has two options : 1 or 2

I tried this formula in the repeat_count column but it didn’t work.

if (${syst_culture}=1, .=1, .>=2).

I will appreciate any help to solve this problem.


@i_ousmane, would you mind trying this out:

if(${syst_culture}='1', '1', '2')

Or the other option is to keep it dynamic, as discussed in the previous post:

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Ok. I will try it.

Thank you soo much

Have a nice day