Using a library question to a form remains static and does not automatically update if library is changed

Hi, we are using the Library to define common questions which are replicated across multiple forms. That’s been very helpful to save time so far.

We want to go further on these reuse so we build some of the questions using Queries to create XLSForm and upload to the Library. That’s also great but the reason I am writing is that so far we can only push the new version of the Library question by manually replacing it in the different forms.

Any option to propagate a new version of a library question through the different forms using it?


Whenever you use a question from a library on a form, it is pushed to the form at the state it was while you picked it from the library. If you ever make a change to the library question, the change will not reflect on the forms that had picked the previous old version. This design is not supported and there are no plans to make it work that way.



Thanks Stephane for your reply. We may have a specific need here. We will consider if we can implement this feature outside Kobo by merging XLSForms.

Hi @dterol !
Have you been able to implement this functionality?
I was also looking for a way to automatically update common questions across forms to reduce redundancy and prevent common questions from getting out of sync.


Hi Vinu,

We finally did not implement this on Kobo. We went into the direction of building and deploying forms outside using yml format so we can better handle versions and prevent duplication.

Best regards

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OK, Thanks!

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