Using collection form in iframe (offline use Enketo)


I Have deployed forms normally using the offline-online setting , using the link in the browser displays the element in the top left corner to say the form has been cached. If I disconnect from the network I can use the form offline as expected, the data is submitted when I return online - so all good there.

However when embedding the iframe code for data collection within an HTML page , the form is displayed correctly but I can no longer see the sync icon in the top left corner. Whilst online the form works as expected but the form is not cached for offline use - and cannot be accessed when offline

Is this an expected feature of using the iframe, and do you know of anyway that we can make the iframe version work offline please?

Thanks very much


Hi @walljustin,

Could you kindly share with us a screenshot of your issue so that the entire community is able to better understand your issue in a pictorial form.

Have a great day!

Hi @walljustin
This is definately an issue with the iframe since in essence, your page will be trying to render that form within it and it would definately need a live connectivity to work.


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Thanks Stephane,

I guess we will try to find a way of caching the iframe content locally , or as a backup revert back to using the link directly without the iframe.

Thanks again


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