Using Enketo for offline survey (Web Form: Advantages & Disadvantages)

I am looking for feedback on the use of Enketo which allows a grid input mode for offline data entry in difficult areas. Is it as reliable as KoboCollect? What are its disadvantages?
Thks a lot

Some disadvantages:

  • Wrong handling of browser (cache) will create data loss!
  • No finalisation step
  • Grid not comfortable on smaller screens, e.g. smartphones
  • Some differences in functionality, behaviour and user interface between Collect and Enketo… See XLSForm Reference Table and postings in the community forum…
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Thanks Wroos,
Can you develop what you mean by ‘No finalisation step’?
I saw some articles mentioning recent updates about management browser cache, have you more informations about that and/or can you develop this problematic aspect?
Thanks a lot

When you complete a survey with Enkekto and then press the Submit button as shown in the image below …


… you will not be able to go back to the completed form and make changes. FYR, you will see a similar image as shared below …

This is what @wroos has tried to explain.

You should also be able to learn more about collecting data with Enketo through our support article Collecting Data through Web Forms.

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