Using geoshape

I am a new user of kobo collect I have fields to map and import the data in QGIS to exploit I want to know how to make the polygon of my fields and import them into qgis. I already tried to use geoshape but with smarphone it is not easy to do the area automatically like when geotrace.
Fisrt, How do i get the area easly with smartphone, when i dwoaloed the form in the smarphone i didn’t get button to do the polygon automaticly
Second question how do i import the area in qgis ?

i hope that my question are clear. thanks

To get the area from a previous acquired geoshape, use a calculation field with the area() function.

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Can you not for instance draw the geoshape on (Google) MyMaps and combine/import it into the new kobo project data?

Kobo/ODK geoshape coordinates are stored/defined differently than Google’s KML format. Specifically geopoints are defined as:

"-40.453705 175.840468 0 0"

ie space-separated “latitude longitude altitude accuracy”, with multiple locations separated by ‘;’ in case of geoshape or geotrace.

Whereas in KML this same location is represented by:


ie comma-separated “longitude,latitude,altitude(optional)”, with multiple locations separated by a space.

So you typically cannot directly import a geopoint-based geoshape into a KML-based renderer without some prior reformatting to KML. The converse is equally true.

FYI I just posted a technique to the ODK Forum for generating KML for a geoshape (and geotrace and geopoint) within a form, eg if you want to directly import or process geo-referenced submission data into a GIS tool. See ODK geoshape/geotrace/geopoint to KML

Note, this requires a recent (2019+) version of ODK Collect with the new substring-after() XPath function to run, so it likely wont work on the current KoboCollect version until it is next updated. It will however run under Enketo just fine.