Using Literacy Widget on KoboCollect?

Hi all! Quick question for the community, I am trying to build a survey and literacy assessment for deployment using KoboCollect. I’ve followed the template documentation in the literacy example file in github, and when I previewed my form using Enketo all is working quite nicely (timer is working, letters are in a grid style, etc). But when I deploy the form, and open it in KoboCollect the literacy widget is not working properly. The letters appear as a typical select-multiple, are not in grid style, and the timer does not appear.

Could someone confirm for me that the literacy widget should work in KoboCollect? If so, I’ll continue my troubleshooting. The literacy widget information is here on github. Thanks for your help!

Welcome to the community @daniceguzman! Kindly please be informed that the literary feature is only available with Enketo and does not work with the Collect android app.

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Thank you @Kal_Lam! I hope one day that it is developed to be compatible with Collect, it would be hugely useful!

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