Using of cascading for questions with dropdown

I have almost 100 of questions like this “manush loi guishsha” while I have these options to put in the drop down for answer “Never, Rarely, Often, Always”

If I could use the cascading option for this, it could make my life easier

Please let me know if there is any way I can use cascading for this

Thank you

for instance

manush loi guishsha?


Welcome @hapservices,
What do you mean with “cascading option” here?
And could you provide a related part of your form (and maybe a screenshot) for better understanding, please?
Do you use XLSForm with Excel or FormBuilder for your form development?
Do you use Enketo Web or/and Collect for data entry?

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I would like to use the cascading option for this if it applies for this format

THank you

@hapservices, seems like you are trying to design a matrix question. Maybe our support article Question Matrix Response Type should help you design your form with what you are trying to.