Using response from a previous select many question to generate rows for a subsequent rating question

This is my first time here and I am new to Kobo.

I have created a form where I used cascading select to determine members in a group.
After determining the members now the next question is to generate matrix or rating question (rating works best) where we determine the sex of each member that was chosen in the previous question. Can some one help me to find a solution in Kobo?

I hope my question is clear.

Welcome to the community, @ike_mensah! Would you mind sharing with the community a sample of the XLSForm so that the community can also understand your issue more clearly?

Here is a link to the sample.
OneDrive Link
As a new user, I am not allowed to upload files.

Where the form reads “member 1”, “member 2”, “member 3” and “member 4” are just place holders meant to show the members that the user selects in the previous question.
The number of users vary in each group.

The complicated part about this form is that, each question is answered for the whole group before moving to the next question. Its a group interview. All the questions are yes or no. except the sex part, which is male female.