Using skip Logic function to a multiple grouped Matrix Questions

Section Ai should determine whether a respondent qualifies to answer section Aii only if a yes is selected from any question in section Ai. (i.e if the respondents select a no for all the questions then the survey ends). Then section Aii determines whether the respondent proceeded to the main questionnaire in section B only if a yes answer is provided in any question in section Aii. Otherwise, the survey ends. My problem is when uploading the final XLS form, section Aii and Section B are failing to execute the skip logic function provided. See the attached XLS form. Thanks in advance.

XLS Form

Welcome to the community, @thegreat_one! Maybe this support article should solve your issue if you have missed it earlier:

@thegreat_one, maybe you will need to share a screenshot of the desired output you wish? That should help the community to understand your issue pictorially.

if you click the link below you can see what i am trying to achieve

-If you select yes in any two questions from Q1 it takes you to Q2 otherwise if no is selected for all in Q1 the survey ends
-If you select yes in any two questions from Q2, it takes you to Q3, Otherwise if no is selected for all in Q2 then the survey ends

  • if you select yes in any three questions from Q3 it takes you to the main survey in Section B. If no is selected for all in Q3 then the survey ends
    NB: in the link below that works perfectly.

But now from the previous task,

  1. i grouped all questions from Q1 and Q2 in a matrix form (named Section Ai)
  2. I grouped all questions from Q3 in a matrix form (named Section Aii)

What am i trying to achieve?
-if you select a yes from any questions in first matrix (section Ai) then it takes you to the next matrix (Section Aii). Otherwise if all answers is a no, then the survey ends

This articles cover skip logic of question within the matrix. But here am trying to apply a logic function that will compute an if function for the grouped matrix, something similar to your answer here: Display of the name of the eligible individual in the next repeat group question - #14 by Kal_Lam
But in my case, I am using questions grouped in a matrix form

@thegreat_one, seems like you have already achieved what you wish to do. Or, is there anything which is still not working as expected? Maybe you could also share a sample of the XLSForm that is not working with the community. But please try sharing only a small portion of the part that is not working.

I supplied the link to the XLS form in my first post.

@Kal_Lam The first part I achieved and the second part I haven’t.

XLS Form

Could you also let the community know the row number that is not working? That should be helpful. It would also be easy if you could remove all the other sections and only keep the one that is not working.