Using skip logic

Hello, How can I use skip logic to get to exit the questionnaire when someone selects a certain anwser. This is a case scenario in the questionnaire

  1. Which teacher training course are you studying?
    Enumerator, if the respondent picks Other, please double check the respondent has heard and understood all answer options correctly.
    a. Bachelors course at NTCs corresponding to Entrepreneurship/Business Education
    b. Bachelors course at NTCs corresponding to Agriculture Education
    c. Diploma in Instructor and Technical Teacher Education (DITTE) Agricultural Production
    d. Bachelor of Business Education (BBE) at Gulu University
    e. Bachelor of Science Education (Agriculture) at Gulu University
    f. Other, do not specify
    If the respondent choses “Other, do not specify”, the survey should not be continued.

Welcome to the community, @apedo_arthur! So you mean if the enumerator selects Other, the interview should end? Could you also let us know the question type for Q7? Is it a select_one question or is it a select_multiple question?