Using the search() function - issues in the syntax

Hi everyone,
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I am required to pull a set of choices from an external csv file, for creating a select_one question in my form. I came across the ‘search()’ function with the following syntax :

search(csv file, ‘matches’, column name to be searched in csv file, text to be searched in that column, name of filtering column in csv file, text to filter the column)

I have 2 queries here:

  1. In my project, I don’t need any text to be searched in the column. If my filtering criteria filters 10 rows of data, I would require all 10 rows to come as choices in my form. Is this possible? I have tried by excluding parts of the syntax I do not need, but this does not seem to work
  2. Can multiple columns be filtered with different filtering criteria?

Could someone get back at the earliest on this?
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Hi @Varun,

If this is your requirement, would you mind having a look at Select one or many from external file question type. It should solve your issue.

Have a great day!

Thanks for the super prompt response Kal, @Kal_Lam
While this is great to pulldata from an external file it would help if you could elaborate on the following:

  1. Lets say in this example on fruits, I have additional columns of interest (country and region of production). When the user selects the country/region, then they should be displayed with a filtered list of fruits from that particular region
    Could you show how to do this using the example you shared?

  2. I work with enumerators in rural areas where internet connectivity is a challenge. You mentioned this would only work on Enketo? Has there been an update on this? would it work on kobocollect as of now>?

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Hi @Varun,

I finally understood your requirement.

Regarding your first query:

You could have a look at post discussed previously. It has a small workaround and should solve your issue.

Regarding your second query:

Yes, it can be collected in KoBoCollect android app as well but try using the latest version. The earlier version should not support.

Have a great day!

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