Using ttf font for styling prompts

Hi, All.

I want to use a custom font possibly a ttf for Urdu texts in Collect. because default fonts by Android are not clear and ugly to look at. I have read fonts can be changed through limited HTML supports but could I use ttf for my labels in HTML tags?

Hi @asif, you can refer to the styling documentation here and test out some fonts that work better for you:


I am specifically asking about “Urdu” language. Generic Font styles are available through HTML for English only. No support for ttf fonts. I have made apps using Kodular which supports ttf in assets. fonts are really important for forms in local languages. Android default Urdu font doesn’t display correct words.

Hi @asif, it may be possible to load custom fonts onto your android device and then reference it in the HTML style tag. If that doesn’t work then we can open an issue in the Collect project to request this feature: Issues · getodk/collect · GitHub