UUID change after the update

Dear Kobo Team,

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Today i realized that after yesterdays update, when you edit a form, the uuid of the form is changed. I didn’t change anything in the form, just click edit and re-submitted the form. I have a totally different uuid now. Is there any bug or it is supposed to happen this way? because i edit it, it changes, regardless of i change the form or not.

Could you also check the issue in a data export, please?

What do you mean here, please? (You cannot change values directly in the table view.)

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I don’t edit the uuid that’s not possible, i just edit the submitted form.

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i checked the issue in data export, unfortunately yes, it is chaning in the exported data as well

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@osmanburcu, could you also kindly let us know the server you are facing this issue?

Hi @Kal_Lam, it is in eu.kobotoolbox.org server