UUID discrepancy

My survey consists of a small number of text questions and media attachments, the data were collected with the use of tablets (Some of the media were uploaded through the photos of the device and other photos were created through the app).

So as I downloaded the data (xls and media), I realised that in some entries the uuid recorded in the forms and the uuid in the media attachments were not corresponding.

Why did that happen? Was it the upload process (I looked at the devices and upload dates and there were no visible patterns)?

Welcome back to the community, @alics! Would you mind sharing a screenshots of the same so that the community should also be able to understand your issue pictorially?

Good to be back!
It is actually hard to share screenshots because everything looked normal on the KoBoToolbox. The names of the visual media files were visible on the data>table and all the images were visible in the data>gallery.
For my analysis, I downloaded both types of files (.xlsx and .zip) and created a local path in the .xlsx worksheet to connect the media with the name of the file.

I created a local path, based on the values on the .xlsx table where the second to last component is the name of the last folder before the files (the UUID) and then the name of the file. The path didn’t work.
Then I made a hyperlink path to the link to the KoBoToolbox gallery (again using the UUID from the table to create the path) and I got the message “attachment not found”.

I then checked the media folder by name of the file and located the files but they were in folders with different names. The same with the gallery, the files were indeed there but under a different path.

I hope this was more explanatory.

Could you also share a screenshot of the image name on how it looks like under the DATA>Table? As your image name from the XLS file and the attachment already matches.

The image name always matched, across everything.

So if everything already matches, why would you wish to use the UUID? Wouldn’t it be easy and simple to use the image name instead of the UUID?

Making paths is vital for my analysis as I use the KoBoToolbox to collect data and load them into another database. And it is easier to mass-produce paths than just go over one photo at a time.

I asked more out of curiosity about the discrepancy between the UUIDs

In any case, I resolved it on my computer by locating and renaming the folder names in the media folder to match the table UUID (just saying it in case someone else bumps into the same thing)


@alics thank you for sharing this with the entire community :clap: :heart: