Validate error

I build a form but I have a validate error. Error appear in requiert field. I need a help

@mtn2020_2030, could you share the error message seen while validating your xlsform? Maybe that would help us troubleshoot your issue.

I have message error when trying to validate my XLSForm. This massage appear only in required field.

Please I need a help.

@mtn2020_2030, could you also interpret what the error message reads?

Let me show you photo of message error
Here is the file name: carto_oncho.xlsx

Then when I clic on submit the following message appear (File: Parcourir… Aucun fichier selectionné) and If I continue by cliking preview in browser The error message of alerte appear.
No file


@mtn2020_2030, would you mind sharing your xlsform with the community? The community should help you solve your issue.

You want me to post it here directly?

This is my form.
Thanks for the community help.
carto_oncho.xlsx (18,1 Ko)

Great. When validating them I don’t see any issues. You should see an error message when the required fields are empty? Do you wish to make the required field optional?

Thanks M Kal_Lam for your help.
There is any error message reads when “Preview in browser” but alerte message appear If I valide, “le formulaire contient des erreurs. Merci de férifier les champs marqués en rouge”.
I prefer keep required field not optional.

Merci beaucoup.

@mtn2020_2030, if you wish to validate you will also need to make a dummy submission (i.e. enter dummy data) to see if they are OK as it should be. If you try to validate an empty form they might flag you an issue if you have your forms un-filled in a mandatory question.

Note, you could make the mandatory questions optional by changing the TRUE to FALSE if you wish.

This explain the alerte message. I understand now. Thanks you.

Could you give me more clarification about this note?

@mtn2020_2030, check out the required column from the xlsform as shown in the post discussed previously:

If you are using the form builder UI, you could also make it optional as discussed in the previous post: