Validate phone number

I’m try to do phone number validation to allow user enter (any number 0 to 9 and 9 to 10 digits) except certain prefix not allow to enter (088|097|071|031|060|066|067|068|090)
syntax here ===> regex(., ‘^((?![088|097|071|031|060|066|067|068|090])[0-9]{9,10}$’). unfortunately it seems doesn’t work. kindly have advise?

eg. we can input 012-777555 or 012-7779999 but not allow to put 088-777555

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Hi @sophearom
Have you tried to relook at our support article to see if you may have missed a step?
Restricting Text Responses With Regular Expressions — KoBoToolbox documentation.


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thank you stephanealoo. I have re-visited make correction syntax and it is working fine now. Thank you