Validating submitted records via API

Is it possible to validate submitted entries using an API?

What i have in mind is this:

  1. Submitted records are downloaded to a local /remote computer
  2. Downloaded records are reviewed and edited
  3. For records that do not not need editing, just set Validation status to Approved using API
  4. For records that were edited using the local computer, the matching record in the server is updated via API. Afterwards, the Validation status for that records is set to Approved
  5. Update validation status for records that need to be On Hold or Marked for Removal as the case may be using API

Maybe this post should help you edit your submissions via API:

Thanks. How about updating the validation status of a submitted record via API either making the status “On Hold”, “Approved”, or “Flagged for Removal”. Is it possible to do this using API?

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