Validation criteria for grouped questions

HI all,

I was wondering if there is a way possible via form builder to set validation criteria for groupped question.

To describe my issue briefly, i have multiple inputs that require to be ranked from most to least important, however only 4 of these inputs needs to be ranked and the remaining will be left unanswered.

I tried formatting through Ranking and Rating type questions, but they also do not support validation criteria.

Please advise if there is a way to design this via the Form Builder. I have no expierence in coding it via xlsxform.

Many thanks for your usual support

@archibald, sorry could still not understand your issue. Could you try to explain it again, please? Maybe the community could then help you solve it if it’s possible.

Sorry if my explanation wasn’t clear.

What i was trying to ask if it is possbile to add a vladiation criteria to a group, where only 4 (any 4 questions) inside the group can be answered.

I know validation criteria can be set to one question only, but i was hoping there is a way to set it for a group via the Form Builder.


@archibald, did you mean only four choices can be selected (from a question) or did you mean four questions can be selected (from within a group)?

Only four questions can be selected (from within a group).

@archibald, maybe this workaround discussed previously could give you some hints…