Validation in rating type questions

Hola, nose que es lo que estoy haciendo mal. Quiero que al elegir la opción “si” me valide otra pregunta para responder un resultado numérico u/o cualquier otro tipo de respuesta. ¿Me podrian ayudar?

Al intentar visualizar el formulario me envía un aviso que dice ““There has been a problem trying to replace ${undefined}” with the XPath to the survey element named “undefined”. There is no survey element with this name.”"

Welcome to the community, @danielalfredo! The best option is to download your form as XLSForm>update the constraint>Replace the form>deploy. But at the same time, I would also be interested to know how this error message appeared on your end. Could you replicate the same in a new form to see if the same happens there too? If yes, please feel free to share the exact steps with me so I can try replicating it on my end too.