Validation in select one question

Hello, I am trying to validate the answer for a multiple choice question and I would like some help from you. I want to achieve the following:

This is the verification of the vaccination schedules of each person, where check_vac1 corresponds to the verification of the application of vaccine 1 and so on.

these questions are from select one (yes=1 or no=2)

select_one yesno Check_vac1 ¿Recibio La Dosis De - BCG?
select_one yesno Check_vac2 ¿Recibio La Dosis De - ROTAVIRUS 2?
select_one yesno Check_vac3 ¿Recibio La Dosis De - NEUMOCOCO 2?

Later, these questions are also select one (yes=1 or no=2), but the answer depends on the previous ones according to the response of each vaccine, like this:

select_one yesno Esquema1 ESQUEMA COMPLETO PARA MENOR DE 1 AÑO - GRUPO 0 a 11 MESES: (This schedule is complete if you have received the following vaccines Check_vac1, Check_vac2 y Check_vac1)

What I want to achieve is:

  1. in the question Esquema1
    The esquema 1 is complete SI the dose was applied BCG, ROTAVIRUS, Y NEUMOCOCO 2 to validate that it will only be valid to select the option SI (1) , I haven’t been able to build the formula and I’m not sure if I should put it in constraint o en calculation?

${esquema1}=“1” ${Check_vac1}=“1” and ${Check_vac2}=“1” and ${Check_vac3}=“1”

Validation-Vaccine.xlsx (12.6 KB)


@felmar79, maybe you will need to change the labels to English so the community should be able to help yo u out.

Hi @felmar79,
It’s simple, the attached file will help you
vac.xlsx (9.7 KB)

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Thank you very much @MohammedTaleb I adjusted it to what I required and it works perfectly :+1: