Validation on Repeating Groups


In my form design, to collect one by one family member details information i user repeating group option with some questions (is that right or should i use question matrix?), the user need to provide at least one person’s data. problem is that user can delete the single set of data using the ‘-’ sign.

thanks in advance.

Hi @ahsanmani and welcome back!


That’s the main feature of the repeat group questions, can you describe what is the problem in here?

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many thanks hakan_cetinkaya

on ques 1, my requirement is to keep at least one set of data, entry user can delete record no 2/3/4 but can’t delete the first record set.

thank you again.

@ahsanmani, have you tried keeping the questions within the repeat group as mandatory? Doing so would not allow the enumerator to submit an empty form.

there are 2 mandatory fields/questions out of 5 for each family member, and data entry user can delete even the only row using the ‘-’ button.

is there any way to declare the total repeat group as mandatory?

thank you for the reply