Validation warning instead of error

Is it possible to include a warning if validation fails and allow submission, instead of preventing submission by showing a validation error?

E.g. for Phone number, we may have a particular format and length (say 11 digits), but if the respondent doesn’t know the number or offers a different length number (say 8 digits for landline), then it should show a warning instead of an error. Because now even if the question is NOT set to mandatory, it doesn’t pass the validation and thus cannot be submitted.

Hi @aahmed
Thank you for your suggestion. I would like to recommend that this is structured differently. I believe what you are looking for is termed as "soft constraint check" and what we currently have is a “hard constraint check”.

So what you are recommending is that we add a soft constraint check which does what you say i.e. just checks the validity of the entry made and notify the user, but does not prevent them from progressing. This should be added besides the hard constraint check.

Implementation of the “soft constraint checks” can still be done, albeit using if logic with notes as discussed in other forums. This could be your go to approach as you wait to see if this particular recommendation can be made.

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In addition to Stephane. We use Warning implemented as acknowledge type (required) with relevant filter. An advantage towards notes: The enumerator/user has to confirm and we can see this in the data set (and review it on data cleaning and analysis.).


Dear @stephanealoo and @wroos, thank you very much for your suggestions!