View data map redirect and cannot give

please help me
I have installed kobo to my own server.
after installation i have two problems:

  1. kc.mydomain redirect to kf.mydomain

  2. when i go to data map they i have blank page i dont know why.
    this in my devellopper console

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Hi @balouck
Welcome to the community forum. Could you confirm the following:

  1. I would like to confirm if this is the first time you are installing it on your server?
  2. What are the specs of your server?
  3. Have you tried installing this afresh just in case the previous one missed?


Thank steplane for your reply.
It is my first installation. my server is ubuntu 18.4 in virtual machine.
Disk space 100Gb
sense one week i do this installation to three systems i have same problem.
Centos 7, ubuntu desktop, finally ubuntu server


Hi @balouck
There must be an issue with how you are installing this. The installation works pretty fine when tried on my end.


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Please cant you help me.

Please my frend.
if you can sent me a vmware virtual machine with this installation. please my friend.

i try to install but…

when i start all is ok. see if you see error