View submissions from specific users

Good Morning, I’m looking for some advice around user permissions please. I have created a data collection form and various user accounts e.g.:

  • user 1 - submits data
  • user 2 - submits data
  • user 3 - I want them to view the data submitted by user 1 only
  • user 4 - I want them to view the data submitted by user 2 only

I think I have set the permissions up correctly - e.g. I have set user 3 to view submission of specific user and included the username for user 1. However, at this point in time, user 3 is unable to see any data at all - they can see the blank form but they cannot view submitted data.

Can anyone help as to why this might be please?


Welcome to the community, @rachelh! Did you ensure that you have checked image Require authentication to see forms and submit data in both the admin account and the enumerators account? If you fail to check them you will not be able get the expected result. Maybe going through this support article Row-Level Permissions should help you better understand how to configure the sharing permissions to achieve the row-level-permissions in KoBoToolbox.

Hi, so sorry for the delayed reply. Thank you for taking the time to reply - this has been very helpful and is now working the way I had hoped it would :slight_smile: