View submissions permission for anonymous user not working


I have a form with publicly accessible submissions at Until recently all Kobo users could access submission data for this form in the Data > Table tab. Now they can access the Data > Reports tabs, but all other tabs under Data show “Access Denied”

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a form, make submissions publicly accessible
  2. Log in as a user that isn’t part of the “Who has access” list
  3. Try accessing submission data through the /forms/<form_id>/data/table URL. It shows “Access denied”

Expected behavior

All users can see submission data for a form that has public submissions.

Actual behavior

Users that are not explicitly added in the sharing tab are denied access to submission data.

Additional details

Firefox 70

Hi @raphaelmerx

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We believe we have found the reason for this issue and are working to fix it. Please follow the bug report here