View submissions versus view form

Hi, could you please explain what the difference is between “View submissions” and “View form” in terms of managing a form?
While seeing a submission one also sees the form as a submission is a form with answers. What am I missing that makes necessary to have “view submissions”?

Hi @gfarturo,

Generally when you are in KoBoToolbox form-builder User Interface, view submissions refers to viewing your data (i.e. reports, table, gallery, map) that has been sent by the enumerators (either from KoBoCollect or from Enketo) while view form is to view your survey form (i.e. the survey questionnaire) which has been deployed or which is ready for deployment so that enumerators are able to collect data based on this deployed survey form.

Thank you for your answer. I think what I find confusing is why the need for that:

It seems to me if one wants to share just the form it is easier to send the xls for instance. As sharing a submission is equivalent to sharing the form I am not sure what the advantage is of adding that extra “sharing” level (maybe someone asked for it),
Also then what is the point of being able to share the project via the “Settings” tab? I may be mixing things here but I fail to see the nuance between the different options and why it is better to have them all.

Hi @gfarturo,

For more understanding on sharing projects (which is under the SETTINGS tab) please see the support article on Managing permissions.