Viewing a project shared with me

Hi. Can I please get help on how to view or access a project(s) shared with (to) me, by another user. Which menu should I click to view the shared forms/ projects?

Kind regards

@rukudzo, do you want to view it, or do you want to collect data? If you wish to view the project simply, then you could see the project in your project dashboard.

Thank you. I just want to view, to help check the form shared by my colleague if it’s okay before he deploys to be available to enumerators. Okay thank you, I will check my dashboard but as of now nothing was showing, maybe he hasn’t shared. Also would the view change in any way if am opening my Kobo Dashboard from a mobile phone rather than a laptop?

Yes, it should be viewable only when someone shares the project with you. Maybe your team has not shared the project yet!