Viewing questions in one page in kobocollect android app

I need questions to appear in 1 single page in kobocollect android app, i grouped the questions from the web form builder, however when I open the app still each question appear in one page.

Managed to change the app settings to auto update the form whenever changes are made in the form cause thought this was the problem but still each question appeared in different page.

I Uninstalled the app and reinstalled it but still questions were not appearing in one page.

Please I need help, I need all questions to appear in 1 page in my android app


Welcome @Sitta,
This is the default/standard on Collect
You can only change it by enclosimg (all) questings in a group with appearance field-list.
See Help Center article Grouping Questions and Repeating Groups — KoboToolbox documentation
and ODK documentation XLSForm Docs.
You may use a group without a label to hide it on the screen.
A disadvantage might be that some checks are only activated on page change, at the end.

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I followed the the steps as provided in the article even before reaching out to you and i’v cross checked again as explained in the article but still the questions do not appear in the same page when I open my mobile app

Can you share here your form or an extract which is not working, please. (Take care of anomysation.)
Did you set style (column) in the settings sheet?

@Kal_Lam may give you the right the attachment as new community member.

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@Sitta, this is what @wroos has been advising you …