Visualisation of georeferenced places on a map

Hello everyone,

I would like to know how I could export and view a geo-referenced place or building from the KoboToolbox form.
When I export the kml files, I can see the place where the datas were collected but not the place ( hospitals, schools) that I georeferenced during my data collection.
Could you help me please?

J’aimerais savoir comment est-il possible d’exporter et visualiser des endroits géo-référencés à partir du formulaire KoboToolbox.
Lorsque je fais l’exportation en kml , j’arrive à voir l’endroit où les données ont été collectées, mais pas les endroits ( hôpitaux, écoles) que j’ai géoréférencé lors de ma collecte de donnés.
Pouvez-vous m’aider svp?

Welcome to the community, @joel_b! Could you share a screenshot of what you are trying to refer to? Maybe a screenshot should be more helpful to make it clear.


You could see in capture 1 , eight localities in Ivory Coast on map where we collected data. Thanks to koboToolbox, I can see them on the google map when I export in KML file. I have circled one of them (Tendene Bambarasso) in yellow where we have taken the geographical coordinates of a modern college and a place of worship.

The capture 2 show inside this locality ( Tendene Bambarasso) in the exported KML file.
Unfortunately, I can’t see these two places (modern college and place of worship) on the map on google earth

What I want is to see all the place that I took geographical coordinates in the Tendene Bambarasso locality on the same map.
find bellow, a link to look the differents captures