Visualize KoBo select multiple in Google Data Studio

I successfully linked my KoBo submissions data to Google Sheets and then to Google Data Studio. I was able to create visualizations to nearly all of the question types except for my select_multiple questions. Unlike a downloaded xlsx, the pulled data in Google Sheet does not show one column for each choice in a select_multiple question. My question is, how can I separate the responses into single column each so I can make visualizations?

Hi @KulotHacks
Have you searched beyond the community forum such as this search


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Thanks for the link @stephanealoo . I did try to search in other community forums but focused mainly in KoBo and Data Studio. I was hoping to do the splitting of cell contents in data studio (similar to how it is possible in PowerBI) so that I don’t touch anything in the google sheets because I am still importing a live survey from KoBo to Sheets to Data Studio. However, if I can’t find a solution to this for a live data, I might as well wait for the survey to finish and apply the tricks in the link that you sent. Thanks!