Waiting for environment to be ready. It can take a few minutes


I have been trying for about two week now to get Kobotoolbox installed locally using docker. I tried on a Centos7 and Ubuntu 16.04 VM and now finally I am trying to install on a physical notebook with 32GB of RAM, i7 CPU and Ubuntu 18.10, but it always get stuck at “Waiting for environment to be ready. It can take a few minutes.”

Even if I choose to wait for another 600 seconds, the environment never become available.

python run.py
Stopping kobo-docker_mongo_1_d718a960a38a … done
Stopping kobo-docker_redis_main_1_a2e5338c2310 … done
Stopping kobo-docker_redis_cache_1_1f5a69ac2dbf … done
Stopping kobo-docker_postgres_1_b015a4b6f299 … done
Removing kobo-docker_mongo_1_d718a960a38a … done
Removing kobo-docker_redis_main_1_a2e5338c2310 … done
Removing kobo-docker_redis_cache_1_1f5a69ac2dbf … done
Removing kobo-docker_postgres_1_b015a4b6f299 … done
Removing network kobo-docker_default
Removing kobo-docker_enketo_express_1_945f45f13036 … done
Removing kobo-docker_kpi_1_3375e0a9bc98 … done
Removing kobo-docker_kobocat_1_af468c48a03b … done
Removing kobo-docker_nginx_1_7e058bd1b563 … done
Removing network kobo-docker_kobo-fe-network
Launching environment
Creating network “kobo-docker_default” with the default driver
Creating kobo-docker_redis_cache_1_4e9dc1a970c9 … done
Creating kobo-docker_postgres_1_191ae59a6d32 … done
Creating kobo-docker_redis_main_1_5ae830d9944f … done
Creating kobo-docker_mongo_1_5f09cde44898 … done
Creating network “kobo-docker_kobo-fe-network” with driver “bridge”
WARNING: Found orphan containers (kobo-docker_mongo_1_d0a385bce675, kobo-docker_postgres_1_31dc7a13bde9, kobo-docker_redis_main_1_4affab493e59, kobo-docker_redis_cache_1_c69fcb6eb339) for this project. If you removed or renamed this service in your compose file, you can run this command with the --remove-orphans flag to clean it up.
Creating kobo-docker_nginx_1_a496cce6630b … done
Creating kobo-docker_kobocat_1_c7696a79de70 … done
Creating kobo-docker_kpi_1_8ddc027ef802 … done
Creating kobo-docker_enketo_express_1_2f7b63f86a72 … done
Waiting for environment to be ready. It can take a few minutes.

KoBoToolbox has not started yet. This is can be normal with low CPU/RAM computers.

Wait for another 600 seconds?
1) Yes
2) No

I would really appreciate some assistance.


Any idea? same, Centos 7.

Hello @msupra,
Do you use https ?
Please provide your .run.conf it can help.
Don’t forget to remove confidential information from it

Have you made sure that there are valid DNS/host file entries to the URLs?

As in:

  • kf.kobo.local
  • kc.kobo.local
  • ee.kobo.local

Hi @nolive, I’m having also this kind of problem, yes I used https. How to solve this problem ? what will I do ?

Hi @adonis,
You must give us more context. How did you setup kobo-install?
What do the logs return?