Want personid and names to appear from repeated group to other repeated group


I want person id from group_block3 to appear in block 9 by default agains personid and names. I have applied indexed-repeat but I am unable to get the desired result. Please see the excel file.
new.xlsx (11.1 KB)

@Kal_Lam . PLease help, its urgent

@archanadang, maybe this is the post you are looking for that should solve your issue:

I looked at it. It doesnt seem to work. PLease see the excel sheet attached. @Kal_Lam


Is it possible to have answer selected(select-one) from a repeated group to appear again in the next repeated if the question is repeated in next repeated group? So for example in block3 q13, I want the answer selected for each person to appear automatically in next the block 4, q14? @Kal_Lam
aMi3GkmFSHt4YeH4pWPmvJ (1).xlsx (11.3 KB)