Want to add more than one custom logic for mandatory response OR one custom logic for NOT mandatory response

This is my Question - What is your monthly earning? (in BDT)

There are 4 skip logics, and if any one of them matches then this question will be displayed.

But I want to add a custom logic for the option Apprenticeship , so that if the enumerator selects apprenticeship in ques. no. 3, he/she can skip the monthly earning question. But if the enumerator selects Self Employment/Wage (Formal)/Wage (Informal), that question becomes mandatory for him/her.
I am not much familiar with the excel format, I am building in the form builder option. So please advise me how can I do it from there.
Thanks in advance

Welcome to the community, @musa123! Could you also share with the community a sample of your three questions and the choices? These sample should be helpful for the community to understand your issue much better.

You mean to say Ques no. 3? Otherwise I don’t know which three questions you are talking about. I wanted to attach a screenshot of ques. no. 3 but as a new user I couldn’t. Here it is, even though it’s irrelevant for this question.

Is there any solution?