Want to get kobo data download link [as data lable not name]

I want to download kobo survey data by a link. That I will use later for excel Power query or Power BI for data presentation. Please note that I want to get data as lable not the name.


name Label
hnw Strengthen Health Nutrition & WASH

Looking for your kind support in this regards.

Silas Das Gupta.
National Design Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator
World Vision Bangladesh.

Hi @silasdasgupta,

Would you mind trying as outlined in the discussion that has happened earlier:

Please let us know if it worked out for you!

Have a great day!

Dear Kal_Lam:

Good morning from Bangladesh!

I have downloaded file as csv format but it not giving me expected result that I want.

Usually while we develop a form in xls file we mention name and label . Our name is very short and label is details of name. I am looking for download data file with link but it will show the label. Here I have attached an image for your easy understanding.


Hi @silasdasgupta,

Would you mind trying this workaround as outlined in the YouTube here. It should solve your issue!

Have a great day!

Dear Kal_Lam:


I have seen your video which is different from my expected result.

May be I could not able to understand you, whit exactly I am looking for.

My expectation is very simple, while I download Kobo data in excel using link, we usually get the data according to the name that we defined against each data level. But I am looking for download Kobo data by link according to the data label.

Example: While we develop xls file in the choice sheet we give some option name in short form but in label we write details. I want to download excel file with data label.

Open space
Sufficient light and air
Neat and clean
Sufficient accommodation
Hygienic toilet facilities
Safe drinking water
Noise free

While I download data from link, the data download as
pvLightAir (as mentioned in name column). But I want the excel file like “Open space”, “Sufficient light and air” this way (as mentioned in label). Note that this example taken from “choice” xls sheet.

Hope you got my point now.

Looking for your kind support in this regards.

This video is only for changing question labels. I want the choice labels to show as they are defined in the survey. For example I have a question:
Q. What is your name?
My answer for that is Eesha Tariq (the label that appears on the survey). The code it is given is eesha_t. The data in power BI shows my answer as eesha_t no matter what I try.

HI @Kal_Lam I tried this method is not working either

I am facing the same issue, did you find the way out?

Hello, I have similar problem. I successfully connected/linked my kobo project with MS Excel for automatic synchronization, but the issue is that the data comes in “name” instead of “label”. But when I directly download xls file the data shows label correctly (as needed).

For example:
On the link, it shows “name: age_of_participant” instead of “label: Age of Participant” but the direct download shows correct label.