Want to use the value of the username in the form

is it possible to get the value of the username (credentials from the kobo when the enumerator logs in) and use it to select a question in the form?
P.S we use computers for the data collection (not android)

Many thanks

@lazasoa, please be informed that Enketo does not support the username feature as the android app. Hence to use the same, you will need to use the android app.

@Kal_Lam Thank you so much! maybe we can include this in the next update!

Hi @lazasoa, I’ve just tested this with Enketo and it does work to access the username if you have checked this in your user settings:

You can see this in action with a simple form:

type name label
start start
end end
username username
note your_username your username is ${username}

@Josh , That’s great, thank you so much!