Way to Collect data in Enketo

i build tow projects(forms) but when i change way to (Collect data )to first one will force change way to collect data in second .
collect data : online-offline , view only …etc

Hi @rahhal,


As shown in the image above. have you tried pressing the COPY (to copy the link to the clipboard) or OPEN (to open the data collection form to a new browser) with a specific data collection method i.e. Online-Offline (multiple submission), Online-Only (multiple submissions) etc. for each survey project and then saving the project data collection form link else where (and then using the specific project data collection link to collect the data of that project)? This should allow you to use different methods of data collection method for different survey projects.



Just following up on the response from @Kal_Lam did this answer your issue? If Not,could you provide more details to what exactly was the issue. Please note that we are also able to offer support in multiple languages; so feel free to type in any language and we shall be able to explain it more clearly.


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