We are experiencing issues with blank form submissions. What could we do to see / recover the data?

We have sent out the link to the enumerators in the field. However, we are getting a lot of blank forms back in the Kobo Collect under Data Submission.
Could you support us on the trouble shooting of this matter? Thank you, Julia

Hi @jh_busara,

Is your questions mandatory in the form?

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Dear Hakan,
the questions are not mandatory but we have talked to the enumerators and they have re-assured us that they have uploaded the filled in questionnaires. We have a trusted relationship with them and do believe they have filled in the sheets diligently.
Additionally, we ran a test ourselves and and got some blank questionnaires. We also filled in the questionnaire prior to submitting.
So, I believe the error is not that they have not filled in the questionnaires.

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  • Did you make any changes to your form when you are collecting data (when data collection is ongoing)?
  • If you download the data in xls format, can you see the missing data?
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Welcome @jh_busara,
In addition to hakan_cetinkaya,

  • Did you check the used form version with the Online validator? ODK - XLSForm Online v2.x
  • Are you using Enketo (webform)?
  • Which server?
  • How can you verify that the cases were sent by these enumerators? (Someone else might use the form link.)
  • Does your form have a relevant clause which may cause a remove of the data on save/finalisation?
  • Can you try to save and re-edit a case?
  • Can you try to print out (pdf) such a case before sending?
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@jh_busara, I agree with what @hakan_cetinkaya has advised, but you could still provide the details requested by @wroos if it’s something different. Maybe a screenshot of the missing data from the screenshot would also be helpful for us to investigate if it’s different.

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Thank you for advised that, I faced the same blank form after enumerator filled the forms, because in kobo appeared only date and time and for another data is gone blank