Web Contents failed to get contents from

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How to solve this error, Web Contents failed to get contents from 'https://kc humanitarianresponse info/a

@Kal_Lam Please give me feedback

Hi Dear sir
I have done same procedure, but it didn’t make connection with xls form and give the error which is shown in given screen short.
Please kindly solve my problem.

Welcome to the community, @city_occd, @atta_rahimi! Are you still getting this error message? Have you followed these support articles to connect your KoboToolbox server with Excel Power Query?

Hi, If you are trying to import data from kobo to your excel directly, please check this topic

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Thank you for your email, Yeah I have still this problem.


Atta ullah Rahimi | BSSE | M&E Assistant | Ghazni Sub Office

@atta_rahimi, did you follow the advise as outlined by @osmanburcu? If you are still getting the issue, try making your data public. That should solve your issue.